Welcome Home Inspections

Why Should I get a professional Home Inspection?

       A home purchase is likely the largest purchase you will make. It is often accompanied with a lot of information presented to the prospective buyer in a short time. You need to be informed in the many aspects of home ownership aside from the general "Is this a good home for the price?" question. Information provided from a quality home inspection can help secure a more equitable purchase and sale agreement. This can save you considerable money in the long run.
       The home inspection report provides detailed information in a clear, easy to understand format with color photos embedded within a narrative explanation. Welcome Home inspections will inform, educate and take the time necessary with you to make this important decision. We will answer questions both at the inspection, and any time after the inspection. So never hesitate to ask! A relationship of trust in the goal, that will lead to the best home purchase experience possible. We are here to help! 
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